Bowland Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Tuition

flower 5For the beginner, fly fishing tuition will teach you the skills you need to get out there on your own and start catching fish. For the more experienced angler, fly fishing tuition will iron out any bad habits and improve your casting skills, you will learn new casts such as the single or double hall cast.

Fly fishing tuition will also help you in finding the fish and selecting the right fly to catch them!

Tuition is available for half day and full day sessions or weekends or even a full week holiday.

There are many excellent hotels, guest houses and B & B's in the area, including Clerk Laithe Lodge in the nearby village of Newton.

Areas we cover in fly fishing tuition:

Equipment & Set up

Fly fishing tuition will help you learn 2 or 3 simple knots that cater for virtually every scenario you will encounter. You will learn how to set up your rod, reel, line, backing, loops and leader. You need to know about sinking & floating lines and all of those in between. You will learn about which tackle is suitable for different situations such as brooks, rivers & reservoirs.

You will have a chance to try different weights and actions of rods. We can also advise you on which tackle will be right for you before you part with your money.


flower 5If you can put a fly over a fish you have got a good chance of catching it! The problem is - finding the fish!

Learning some basic watercraft skills will improve your catch rate and your enjoyment.

On still waters - wind direction, depth, features, trees & vegetation all make a difference to where fish are holding. On rivers the currents, eddys, pools and riffles all factor in to your thinking. On reservoirs there are many man made features that affect the location of fish.

Even a basic knowledge will help you select the right fly which you can present at the right depth to where the fish are likely to be. This in itself could be the difference between catching and not catching!

Fly Casting

It's so important to learn to cast correctly, it will save so much time, money and frustration! With just a days fly fishing tuition, you will be able to cast with a smooth easy action and get a decent line out over the water using a grip and stance that suits you. Once you have learnt the basics you can then practice on your own and develop your skills further, enjoying your time out fishing much more. You may have already mastered the overhead cast and roll cast and want to learn more advanced casts such as the single all double haul cast.

Again, professional fly fishing tuition will put you on the right track quickly enabling you to develop these more advanced casting techniques in your own time - you can always pop back for a lesson or two if you need further help.

Fishing Technique

flower 5You have found the fish and you have put out a lovely overhead cast and landed your fly right on top of them - now what? ... Fly fishing tuition will help you learn lots of different techniques including:

•  Induced takes

•  Buzzer fishing

•  Fishing with lures

•  Nymph fishing

•  Dry fly

•  Using droppers

•  Hooking, Playing & Landing the fish

•  Retrieves



"Both my son and I had a terrific day! As complete novices Pete's expert (and patient) tuition paid off with a lovely one and a half pound brown trout! I would highly recommend this to anyone (I would also recommend the packed lunch option - the best BLT I have ever had)!" - Gordon Davidson